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Baseboard Installers in San Diego Share the Installation Process

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Baseboard Installers San Diego Initially used to close the gap between the wall and floor of a structure, floor trim, otherwise known as baseboard or base, has become an important component of any interior design project. You can dramatically change the feel of a space with the right use of moldings. Another major factor in […]

Revolution in Sandpaper, or Just Great Sales Gimmick

Whether you call it sandpaper or glasspaper, you simply referring to coated abrasive that consists of a heavy paper with abrasive material attached to its surface. As owner and operator of a handyman company, I am always looking for new strategies and tools to increase efficiency in the services we provide to our customers. When […]

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New Technology For The Home: Keeping Up With The Times

As I am sure you are all to familiar with all the latest innovations in new technology for the home since they happen everyday. There are some pretty cool new gadgets to add to your home to make it feel a little more modern.   New Technology For The Home Idea #1: Slider Pop Out […]

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas: Keep Them Where You Need Them

Innovative tool storage ideas can be a huge improvement in efficiency. I know all to well the importance of having your tools handy when needed being a . For me I don’t want to spend my time constantly looking for my tape measure as I am sure you don’t either. So I want to share […]

My Favorite Adhesive Of All Time Has To Be Epoxy: What Can’t It Fix

  I sometimes under estimate the versatility of epoxy this stuff in most is cases as tough as concrete or even steel what can’t it fix really. I always keep an easy to use all purpose epoxy with me when working as well as around the house,  I want to share with you the chemical […]

Refrigerator Efficiency and Maintenance Tips: Ideas To Keep Your Ice Box Cold

We all know how important it is to keep that good old refrigerator or icebox in proper working order. Some could even say their life depends on it whether it is medical needs or what have you. Besides that they are fairly easy to maintain and repair if you know just what your looking for […]

Exterior Door Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

In need of an Exterior Door Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego? Unstoppable Handyman can handle help you through the process… Give us a call @ 619-729-6038 to book an appointment with us today! I am sure at some point or another you or someone you know was tired of  either the functionality […]

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Window A/C

By following these simple window air conditioner efficiency tips you will see instant savings! Being a resident of San Diego, California I know all to well how important it is to be mindful of electricity usage. You know… since we are at the top of the charts for energy consumption rates. Even if you do […]