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Existing Customers: Increase Earning Potential with Existing Handyman Customers

  Idea #1: Use post-purchase communication to inform Post-purchase emails offer extreme value to consumers in Next Logical Product (NLP) emails. NLP emails contain recommendations based upon an examination of customer behavior of the next thing they purchased.  For example, did you know that based on data, the next thing people buy when they buy […]

How Can a Handyman Get More Customers… My Personal Experience

A quick ride back to the past, back to when I started my handyman journey on less than nothing. What I mean by this… I had no cash on hand and I was behind on 100% of my bills. How I got to that point was by losing my job, going on unemployment, all while […]

4 Home Maintenance Tips for the Month of November… Starting with Safety

  If you haven’t already done this in October, change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is commonly done when setting back clocks during the time change. Make a habit of doing all these activities during the same time. Either put it on your to-do calendar, or even better, have a reputable handyman […]

Home Repairs for October: Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Home Going Into Fall

Below are the Top 3 Tasks that Should be Performed During October. (Recommended for the Southern California Region)     1. Start With the Top (roof inspection) The last thing you want relaxing in your home is water beading down you from up above. This is why it is highly recommended having someone inspect your […]

7 Natural Ways To Avoid The Flu

Vitamins can reduce the symptoms and duration of the flu and provide natural immunity from viral and bacterial infections. Research has shown that vitamins taken before a flu can build immunity and prevent the flu. Taken during the flu, vitamins can shorten the duration and also mitigate the symptoms and suffering. Many of these vitamins […]

Choosing The Right Grout

Choosing Grout For grout joints wider than 1/16” you’ll want to use sanded grout.  Having sand mixed into the grout gives the grout extra strength to keep it from cracking (the same way that gravel helps make concrete stronger).  Most floor tile installations will use sanded grout. For grout joints thinner than 1/16” (typically on […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Seeds Indoors There are many reasons why it’s smart to start seeds indoors: Many plants have long growing seasons and they won’t flower or fruit unless they get a head start inside. Even if plants don’t need to be started indoors, they’ll grow larger and bloom longer if started early. Plants with fine seeds […]

DIY House Sealing and Insulating

Sealing a House During new construction or remodeling you have to opportunity to seal the exterior shell of the home to reduce air infiltration. This helps improve air quality by sealing out pollution and allergens, and it makes the home more energy efficient. On the outside of a house it’s common practice to install HOUSE […]

The Importance Of Table Saw Safety

Shop safety is a shared responsibility. We depend on tool makers to provide well-designed and properly manufactured products so we can work with confidence. But we need to read and heed all of the safety warnings that come with tools — and not attempt to circumvent any of the guards and safety interlocks built into them. […]