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Revolution in Sandpaper, or Just Great Sales Gimmick

Whether you call it sandpaper or glasspaper, you simply referring to coated abrasive that consists of a heavy paper with abrasive material attached to its surface. As owner and operator of a handyman company, I am always looking for new strategies and tools to increase efficiency in the services we provide to our customers. When […]

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New Technology For The Home: Keeping Up With The Times

As I am sure you are all to familiar with all the latest innovations in new technology for the home since they happen everyday. There are some pretty cool new gadgets to add to your home to make it feel a little more modern.   New Technology For The Home Idea #1: Slider Pop Out […]

Handy Smurf Brings Back Memories

Handy, as Jokey once remarked, is a very fanatical and driven person. He is often inventing something and is so enthusiastic about it that he fails to see how the others think of it. This has put him in a lot of trouble a couple of times. In the comics, when Handy invented a handheld […]

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Handicap Ramp Building

Building Ramps Being able to get in and out of your house is probably the first and most important thing to address when trying to make your home more accessible. It’s a practical matter as well as a personal one, because once you can get in and out of your house more easily you don’t […]

Most Important Drywall Tools

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  Drywall Tools In addition to your basic utility knife, you’ll need some special tools for cutting drywall sheets. For making square cuts, use a drywall T-square. Set your sheets of drywall upright with the smooth side out. Set the T-square on the top edge and line it up with your measurement. Run a utility […]

Re-Hanging Screen Doors

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Rehanging Screen Doors A frequently used screen or porch door can easily develop an opening/closing problem often due to a loose hinge, too much paint, or the jambs may have sagged out of square. If the jamb’s off, you can plane down the door where it’s hitting, but first, you may want to try putting […]

Proper Drain Line Cleaning

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  The following section explains how to unclog sink and toilet drains using two basic tools: a plunger and a sewer snake. Always Use Caution: It’s always a good idea to use gloves and goggles to avoid contact with bacteria and chemical drain cleaners. Cleaners can be harsh to the skin and damage eyes. Don’t use […]

Four Reasons Why Your Diet Might Fail

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(NaturalNews) Although weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and in fact approximately two thirds of all people in the United States are on a diet at any given time, the vast majority of diets fail to deliver significant or sustained weight loss. “Losing weight is one of the top resolutions […]

Amazing Immune Boosting Mushroom Coffee

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(NaturalNews) Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for healthier options, and the response we’ve received on Nutricafe has been overwhelmingly positive. Created by the same company that brought you Cocoa Mojo, Nutricafe is a 100% USDA Organic, fair-trade, low-caffeine gourmet coffee that’s actually good for you!   Unique immune mushroom blend Nutricafe is blended […]

Here`s 5 Ways To Kick The Soda Habit

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(NaturalNews) Millions of Americans are hopelessly addicted to soda pop beverages, whether they be the sugary varieties loaded with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or the chemical varieties loaded with aspartame and sucralose. Both are harmful, of course, and can lead to a future filled with chronic pain and disease. But if you are one of […]