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Drywall Repair in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

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(enable images)I am sure everyone has had the need for some sort of drywall repair. Dealing with repair and installation of drywall or green board is actually not as difficult as you may think.

Doing any drywall repair in Lakeside and greater San Diego you will Either want to do it yourself or have someone else take care of the work. Depending on the size of the job having proper tools, supplies, and and extra set of hands or two will be mandantory for a properly completed job.

Some of the things needed are patience, a second set of hands, and of course proper tools. Doing drywall repair is somewhat forgiving in the sense that the final product is in the finish work. There is typically multiple coats of joint compound to build a strong joint. Then the wall is floated completely with mud to provide a surface for texture if the look is wanted.

Some of the necessary supplies for Drywall Repair in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego will be as follows. I recommend using whatever gets the desired look or end result you or the customer prefers.

1. Drywall or Green Board

2. Joint compound and Joint Tape ( Paper Tape is Ideal)

3. Drywall Shims

4. Corner Bead

5. Drywall Screws

The first thing I like to do is start with the ceiling, in my opinion that is the most difficult part. Cutting of holes for lights can be tedious  so have lots of  patience and measure three or four times to ensure proper location of cuts. Always have an extra set of hands when working overhead. Once the ceiling is done you are home free from there. If working on a patch or small repair begin by securing a backer board behind the hole. Cut a piece of drywall or greenboard to fit in the opening and secure with drywall screws.Then cover joints with mesh tape and apply joint compound and feather outward. Sand and Apply another coat and repeat if necessary.

Quick Step Guide to Drywall Repair in Lakeside,CA and Greater San Diego:

A. Install backer board for a patch or furring strips where needed to secure drywall.

B. Measure and cut drywall to fit appropriately where needed and secure with proper size drywall screws. Install corner bead where needed.

C. Apply joint compound then joint tape to adhere to drywall and cover with joint compound.

D. Sand joints and avoid hitting the tape beneath the joint compound, apply second coat and repeat.

In conclusion, as shared above dealing with Drywall Repair in Lakeside,CA and Greater San Diego doesn’t have to be difficult although it can be messy. Some word of caution be careful when working above your head, have a helper when working on ceilings. Don’t take on more than you can handle drywall work is time consuming and tedious so have patience. You can keep these things in mind when doing drywall work or you can always call us to tackle any drywall repair needs.


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