Handyman Homes Front Line Defense

Before You Let A Handyman In Your House, Read This!

A handyman can be your best defense on the front lines of renting or owning a home.

On the other side, not verifying these key points when hiring a service pro can be sure fire way to start on a rocky foundation.

Handyman Homes Front Line Defense

A Handyman Can Be Your Homes Front Line Defense

5 Key Points To Hiring an Amazing Handyman

  1. The individual should have basic knowledge of all the trades. This Includes minor electrical, minor plumbing, basic heating and cooling, woodworking, drywalling, etc.
  2. Communication throughout the process should be expected. The individual should place importance on keeping you updated when changes happen along the way.
  3. Having basic knowledge in all the trades does not equal attempting to perform all services outside their experience level. The individual should have a strong network of specialized tradespeople to call on when needed.
  4. Meeting people from all walks of life is what we love most about serving people. The individual you hire should make you feel comfortable and not pressured to make a sale. You should get the vibe that they love what they do, not rushed to finish the job.
  5. There are many aspects of hiring a handyman that can be mentioned, but providing an overall exceptional experience from start to finish (and long after that) should be the main priority of the individual.

Steer Clear From These Phrases Associated With Handy People

“Half Price Handyman”

“Cheap and Affordable”

“Cash Only”

These phrases only play on customers focus on saving money and not the actual quality of service. Cheap is no good if the end result does not meet your expectations. In many cases “cheap and affordable” means there is no workmanship guarantee and corners are being cut.

Don’t sacrifice greatness for small cost savings. Hire a skilled handy person that loves what they do and is confident in the value they have to offer. You will always get a better result when someone comes from a place of “love for what they do” then a person that is struggling to “make ends meet.”


Preston Roberts

Operations Manager, Unstoppable Home Services

I am dedicated to helping homeowners and renters to become better educated about the home service industry.

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