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Ceiling Fan Installation San Diego: Unstoppable Handyman has you Covered

Looking for a reliable ceiling fan installer in San Diego, Santee, Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine, Barona, and all surrounding areas?

You are in the right place! We can help make your home more comfortable by installing new ceiling fans or replacing existing, inefficient, ceiling fans. Unstoppable Handyman Services is here for your ceiling fan installation San Diego.

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3 Tips on Choosing the Correct Ceiling Fan to be Installed in your Home

1) Looking for a different look indoors. Many outdoor rated ceiling fans may be used indoors. This can add to the atmosphere you are seeking indoors.

2) Fans should be installed approximately 8 ft. from the floor. In rooms with 8 ft. or lower ceilings, use flush-mount fans that install flat against the ceiling.

3) Create maximum airflow with the handy ceiling fan chart below:

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Make an Appointment Today for a More Comfortable Home. We would love to be your ceiling fan installer in San Diego.

Let us do your ceiling fan installation San Diego Call 619-729-6038 for a Free Estimate and Consultation today!

Have a great day San Diego

-Unstoppable John


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