Do You Work with Family?

If so, would you recommend it to others?

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Well, I own and operate a business with my brother and best friend… and trust me it has it’s ups and downs, but I would highly recommend anybody that wants to go into business for themselves.

If they have a family member they click with… somebody they are close with… I mean it doesn’t even have to be close, but I really would consider it.

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My brother and I, I think the reason why we have been able to grow such a successful business is because of our dedication and the fact we are genuinely great on a team together.

When he’s up, sometimes I am down and when he’s down I am up and vice versa.

You can speak to each other’s strengths and encourage each other to get through the hard times.

I hope this was very encouraging to anybody wanting to start their own family operated business!

Preston Schumacher

Operations Manager

Dedicated to providing an exceptional experience when choosing a handyman in San Diego. We look forward to serving our fellow San Diegans. Get things done right with Unstoppable Handyman Services!

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