Exterior Door Installer San Diego

Exterior Door Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

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Exterior Door Installer San Diego

I am sure at some point or another you or someone you know was tired of  either the functionality or the appearance of  their exterior door. Thankfully there is a relatively easy solution to that issue which is a pre-hung exterior door. As an Exterior Door Installer in Lakeside,CA and Greater San Diego I know what it takes to successfully complete this job. As I have stated in past articles having the proper tools is essential to a job well done. Also depending on the size of the exterior door you are installing a second pair of hands may be a huge help when initially installing the frame and door assembly. Something to keep in mind is door frames come in many sizes make sure to measure the opening where the new door is to be installed.

Supplies for an Exterior Door Installer are :

1. Pre-hung Door

2. Shims

3. Fasteners

4. Interior trim of your choice.

How to be a proper exterior door installer in lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

You should start by removing door from the hinges then the interior trim and exterior trim to expose the door frame. I would then just cut the frame out using a reciprocating saw and discard appropriately. Once that is out of the way go ahead and sit the frame in the opening and shim up as needed, start with the hinge side and shim until the spacing is somewhat even on both sides. Using a 6′ level shim top and bottom hinge side few inches above top hinge and the same for the bottom. Then shim out the middle and then the opposite side always checking for plum. Install door on frame and install trim on both sides inside and out. Quick Step Guide to Exterior Door Installer: A. Remove old door and frame. B. Place new frame in opening and shim up as needed. C. Shim out top and sides of frame D. Install door and trim both inside and out. I believe that anyone can install an exterior door it just the matter of how long it might take. Some of these types of doors can be bulky and heavy so an extra set of hands makes things much easier and sometimes safer. Also a 6′ level is a must to make sure the jamb stays plum throughout the shimming process. If all else fails you can call me I am an Exterior Door Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego.

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