My Favorite Adhesive Of All Time Has To Be Epoxy: What Can’t It Fix

This is the kind of epoxy I keep in my work bucket.


I sometimes under estimate the versatility of epoxy this stuff in most is cases as tough as concrete or even steel what can’t it fix really. I always keep an easy to use all purpose epoxy with me when working as well as around the house,  I want to share with you the chemical makeup that is epoxy and what it can be used for as well as why it is my favorite adhesive. I like to say “what can’t it fix“.

What Is Epoxy?

Well if you want to get technical epoxy is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide resin with polyamine hardener that cures at room temperature. The resin consists of monomers or short chain polymers with an epoxide group at either end. For me the stuff I use is in a plunger type device and you just squeeze equal amount of each mix and use, this peticular product sets in 5 minutes great for tons of applications.


My Favorite Adhesive Of All Time Has To Be Epoxy: What Can’t It Fix

I have used this stuff for so many things and mostly things that are difficult to otherwise repair. Such as a good size hole in an air mattress, hole in a plastic car radiator, broken flower pot, cracked gas can lid and of course so many others. I even created a mold and cast an object in clear setting epoxy, this makes for a fun project. Some other uses you may not know about is there are some that cure with ultraviolet light here are some examples of what they are used for: Dentistry, Optoelectronics, and Fibre Optics. Other uses for my favorite adhesive are in  industrial tooling applications to make laminates, fixtures, castings, and moulds. They are also used in the electronic industry. Epoxy resin is used to make transformer, insulator, switch gear and generators. Epoxy is a pretty cool compound.

Why My Favorite Adhesive of all Time Has To Be Epoxy

I know I used to sometimes under estimate the versatility of epoxy, even though this stuff is in most cases as tough as concrete or even steel. Now that I have used it in so many situations and have seen first hand how it holds up, it is my go to adhesive. This stuff has saved me so much time and money it is kind of crazy. There is many epoxies available for all kinds of applications like under water epoxy, plastic, glass, metal and more. Are you getting the idea why my favorite adhesive of all time has to be epoxy.


I Want To Conclude With Give Epoxy A Try

I am sure that there has been a time that someone such as yourself has accidently dropped and damaged a fragile item, that’s when I look for my epoxy “what can’t it fix“. If you think it is unfixable give epoxy a try, my favorite adhesive may become yours. This compound can save you time and money for years to come. Thanks for reading why my favorite adhesive of all time has to be epoxy.

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