Handy Smurf Brings Back Memories


Handy, as Jokey once remarked, is a very fanatical and driven person. He is often inventing something and is so enthusiastic about it that he fails to see how the others think of it. This has put him in a lot of trouble a couple of times. In the comics, when Handy invented a handheld powered drill, he began testing it on almost everything in the village, and in the process he ruined the bucket of the central well, ruined the halters of Hefty (although Hefty then saw that the iron globes with the added holes could be used as bowling balls, so he didn’t mind it that much), sunk Marco Smurf’s boat when he drilled through the hull, and finally ruined the cake mold that Smurfette was planning to use to make the cake for Papa Smurf’s birthday. After the dough was poured in and went right through the mold, the Smurfs were looking very angrily at Jokey, who defended himself with “It wasn’t me, you guys, honest!” Handy walked in and asked if Smurfette liked the collander he made from that old cake mold and showcasing proudly how he did it using the handheld power drill he made. Realizing that Handy was the one behind all the mayhem had been going on in the village, the others chased after him, and at the party they had attached two wooden beams with shoes attached to the drill bit, turning it into a Handy Smurf butt-kicking machine.

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