Home Repairs for October: Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Home Going Into Fall

Below are the Top 3 Tasks that Should be Performed During October.

(Recommended for the Southern California Region)


Home Repairs for October


1. Start With the Top (roof inspection)

The last thing you want relaxing in your home is water beading down you from up above.

This is why it is highly recommended having someone inspect your roof for any wear or problem spots.

Chances are if you are grouping this task with other general home inspections for upcoming fall, this will not cost you more than $25.


2. All Clogged Up? (check your gutters)

The good thing about hiring a Handyman, you can have him multitask while he is up on top your home inspecting your roof for damage.

Have your gutters and downspouts checked for any debris or deterioration. It is also a great idea to check the slope to make sure water drains, without build up.

Remember, handymen typically charge per hour. This means you can lump together multiple tasks in order to get a better savings.


3. Not Just a Clean Appearance (inspect and clean siding)

It is a smart idea to clean the exterior siding of your home to avoid premature wear.

Right before Fall, and the beginning of Spring are great times to have this done.

Have your Handyman take note of any repairs or potential problems that he runs into while pressure washing the siding of your home.

It is important to have any damaged siding replaced or repaired to avoid bigger problems beneath.