How Can a Handyman Get More Customers… My Personal Experience

A quick ride back to the past, back to when I started my handyman journey on less than nothing.

What I mean by this… I had no cash on hand and I was behind on 100% of my bills.

How I got to that point was by losing my job, going on unemployment, all while looking endlessly for a job.

A lot of the feedback I got from employers was they were not in need of an employee because of “times being slow.”

This led me to starting my own business, which was a very unknown place I was lurking in.

Approximately 2 years later, I am still learning new things everyday.

One thing I want to pass on is how I got started with very little to work with.


Get More Handyman Customers by Taking this Simple Advice

Usually if it feels uncomfortable to do, it probably is what you should be doing. At least pertaining to building a business.

That means it is crucial to connect with as many people as possible (otherwise known as networking) on a daily basis.

Unless you happen to have a very large advertising budget.

However, you need to hone you communication and social skills anyway to be able to build trust with your clients and have a relationship for life.

So it is a must you get semi comfortable talking to strangers, without coming off as sales guy.

Brainstorm segments of people you can contact.

These groups would include professions such as, real estate agents, property managers, and senior citizen communities.

Then simply make it a habit to contact a certain amount of people a day. Of course more when you are starting then when you are busy.

While this may sound simple and/or super uncomfortable if you where like me, this handyman to handyman tip is key to me staying busy without a “bankster budget.”

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