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Stucco Repair in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

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(enable images)When you come across a damaged section of stucco you may think that it wouldn’t be easy to repair. Well thankfully stucco repair is easier than it sounds due to the random nature of stucco.

When you need stucco repair in Lakeside, CA you may consider doing it yourself. You may also want to consider having someone do the repairs depending on the extent of the damage.

This picture to the right shows a damaged corner of a stucco building.

This is an example of an intermediate repair where forming the corner is necessary. Wire mesh underneath needed to be re-shaped and loose stucco was removed to make way for the new stucco.

To complete this job successfully you will need to have the proper tools, supplies, and a bit of patience.


Supplies List for Completing Stucco Repair:

1. Mason’s  Trowel, Bucket.

2. Spec Mix or other Stucco Mix I recommend using bagged stucco.

3. Hammer and Few Nails.

4. Tarp or other Work area protection.


Quick Step Guide to Stucco Repair:

A. I would start by prepping work area removing the excess loose stucco, and if there is wire mesh underneath then reshape and secure with screws or nails as needed.

B. I would then mix my spec mix or stucco mix with water to the right consistency ( which is like peanut butter).

C. The final step is to start spreading the mixture into the area needing the stucco.


Cautions, Tips, and Advice for Stucco Repair in Lakeside, CA

When you come across a section of damaged stucco you may think that it is out of your realm to repair. As you may know now it can be easier than it sounds. By following these stucco repair steps, you should have a general understanding of what it takes to accomplish the project. However, if you are doing the stucco repair yourself,  make sure you have the right items on hand and a lot of patience.  Stucco work can be messy, as well as time consuming. With this in mind, do not take on more than you can handle.

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