Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Window A/C

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency TipsBy following these simple window air conditioner efficiency tips you will see instant savings! Being a resident of San Diego, California I know all to well how important it is to be mindful of electricity usage. You know… since we are at the top of the charts for energy consumption rates.

Even if you do not currently have a window a/c, these easy to implement window air conditioner efficiency tips Someone you know probably has a window air conditioner or box air conditioner I want to share with you some tips to keep it working as efficient as possible.

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips Part 1: Selecting a Proper Window A/C Unit

1) Measure the space you are going to cool.

2) Choose a unit that is made to cool that amount of square feet. Maybe a little more, depending on your needs.

3) Choose between 110 v units as well as 220 v units. 110 v units are much more common, but require more electricity to run. When possible, get a unit that is designed to run off of 220 v.  They are more efficient on power consumption.

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips Part
2: Proper Placement of Window A/C

It is a good idea to install your A/C unit on the side of the house that does not receive very much sunlight.

Since having sun bearing down on your unit can make it over work and dry out the slinger tray which is vital for the efficiency of the unit.

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips Part
Cleaning and Maintenance of your Window A/C

Cleaning is probably the most important thing when it comes to your A/C unit working as it should for years to come.

I like to start with the filter screen which is usually located under the front cover, just remove and tap out or better yet use an air compressor or wash it in the sink and allow to dry.

Secondly I like to clean the area in which the filter sits with a special brush called a coil brush use caution not to damage these coils.

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips Part
Energy Saver Mode on your Window A/C

Their is a mode on most A/C units which is called “Energy Saver” and it sometimes may be the cause of your unit not putting out

Here is the deal with energy saver mode, when you turn it on the compressor will run till room comes to temperature then shut off and the blower fan will stay on constantly. t cold air.

The problem with that is that the blower fan can dry out something called the slinger tray this throws water on the condenser coils to keep them cool.

You should see some water sitting in a tray in the bottom of the unit.

If you don’t hear a sloshing of water then your tray has dried, simply fill a pitcher or other container with water and pour it into the tray on the outside and fill until you hear water sloshing around and then you are good to go.

Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips Conclusion

Just keep these tips in mind when you purchase and install your window or box A/C unit to keep it running smooth for years to come.

Use these window air conditioner efficiency tips as a checklist when having your trusted local handyman installing your window a/c.

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